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Why Eyelid Surgery Plus Laser Skin Resurfacing Are a Perfect Pair

Our eyes can say so much about us—how we’re feeling, how we feel about another person, if we got enough sleep last night and (unfortunately) how old we are.

If your eyes are giving the wrong message about any of these things, eyelid surgery might be for you.

But if drooping eyelids, puffy circles and crow’s feet aren’t your only eye-area concerns, you might want to think about adding a laser treatment into the mix. Although you can certainly reap the benefits of laser skin resurfacing on its own, here’s why it also makes for a great pairing with eyelid surgery.

Banish Sun Damage

If you’re planning eyelid surgery, you likely hope for a brighter, more refreshed appearance.Years of sun exposure can lead to sun spots and other skin imperfections that could leave you looking older than you feel.

Laser skin resurfacing works by directing short, concentrated beams of light at uneven skin and unwanted lesions like age spots and acne scars. Laser treatments safely remove the outer layer of skin, revealing the fresh, brighter complexion underneath.

Adding laser skin resurfacing to your eyelid surgery should take less than hour…but can have a huge impact on your results.

Knock out Wrinkles

Blepharoplasty can be an excellent option for men and women with deep lines and wrinkles around their eyes, as well as puffy undereye circles and drooping eyelids. However, this procedure won’t improve wrinkles in other areas of your face.

That’s where laser skin resurfacing can come in to helperase fine lines and wrinkles in the mid-to-lower areas of your face for even more complete results.

Why Eyelid Surgery Plus Laser Skin Resurfacing Are a Perfect Pair
Article Name
Why Eyelid Surgery Plus Laser Skin Resurfacing Are a Perfect Pair
Laser skin resurfacing comes with many benefits, making it a great add-on to eyelid surgery. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Castellano of Tampa explains why.
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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery
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