Will the New Year Bring New Trends in Breast Augmentation?

woman in braAlthough breast augmentation has been consistently ranked among the top five most popular cosmetic surgeries for several years running, each new year allows for new possibilities in breast implants themselves. What are some of the most likely trends that we might see in 2014?

  • Gummy bear implants may become more common: The FDA approval of form-stable silicone gel implants from a few different manufacturers in 2013 may be just the beginning of the popularity of these implants.
  • More discussion about implant registration: With the changing requirements in the UK that will now mandate implant registration in a central database, is the U.S. far behind? Registration could offer patients and doctors a better way to keep track of implant-related medical history.
  • Advancements in saline implants: A new type of saline implant is currently undergoing testing by the FDA. Designed with separate chambers, the implant feels more like natural breast tissue and is less prone to wrinkling than standard saline implants.
  • Increased research in fat transfer augmentation: The concept of using fat cells for breast enhancement isn’t a new one, but many cosmetic surgeons are starting to look at the process more systematically in hopes of achieving consistent augmentation results without the need for implants at all.

Future Possibilities

Although these are just a few of my personal guesses about the direction of breast augmentation, it will be very interesting to see what the future holds this year. Last year opened a few unexpected doors for cosmetic surgeons and patients alike, and innovation is one trend that’s sure to continue in 2014 and beyond.