Will Your Breast Augmentation Results Change with Age?

shutterstock_64614595Women who get breast implants often wonder whether their augmentation results will change over time. While most breast augmentation patients are thrilled with their new look, feeling uncertain about the future of their figure can leave some women wondering. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from your breast augmentation results as you age.

Age and Your Feminine Curves

The most important thing to understand is that aging affects the breasts, and breasts can experience age in a number of different ways. For some women, aging means the breasts lose volume, while for others, it means their figure starts to sag. Still others may experience hormonal changes that result in fuller breasts during their later years.

Solutions to Changing Breasts

While you may feel resistant to the idea of your breasts changing as you age, it’s also smart to be aware of your options for maintaining your breast augmentation results. Although your figure may take on new nuances as you grow older, your breast implants should stay the same as you age. This sounds like a positive thing, but do keep in mind that as your surrounding breast tissue changes, a breast augmentation update may be needed to maintain a naturally flattering look.

In response to the changes their bodies go through over time, some women with implants decide to swap their existing implants out for a different size or profile. Others, however, feel that a lift combined with breast implants would provide the right enhancement for their figure. Whatever your experience is as you go through the years with implants, there shouldn’t be any reason you can’t continue to enjoy your breast augmentation results for a long time to come.